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Kingswood Activity Centre

Recently Glenfield Primary school years 3/4 went to stay at the most amazing place – Kingswood in Ashford, Kent!
We stayed there for 4 days and took part in lots of outdoor activities to help us learn to work as a team, be confident in ourselves and try new challenges.
The first activity we did, was Jungle Vines. To complete this challenge we needed to climb up shaking slats and then courageously reach out and grab long hanging ropes to help us balance whilst walking along a slim tight rope.
Then we did an activity called Jacobs ladder. We had to simply climb up bars of wood that were gradually getting further distances away. It was very tricky!
For every challenge there was a 'shout out'... Jungle vines was (instructor) "Are you ready for the Jungle Vines?" (kids) "We climb like Monkeys!" For Jacobs Ladder it was (instructor) "Are you ready for Jacobs Ladder?" (kids) "It's not Jacob's ladder, it mine!!"
The scariest, but best activity for both of us was abseiling. It looked terrifying! First we got into a harness and put a helmet on, then climbed the stairs up to the top of the tower, ready to step over the edge...
Megan said "I was so nervous that I cried, but I did it! Everyone made me believe in myself because they started chanting 'Come on Megan, you can do it!' "
Stephy said "It was so scary when it was my turn, but I was up there so I had to do it! I stood on the edge, got clipped on and I jumped down. There was a black rope to control my speed. I had to bounce off the wall, but I kept turning around and hitting my back on the wall!"
We both want to say thank you to all the people that encouraged us all to abseil down the tower!
We also went on the Zip Wire, Quad Bikes, assault course and lots more.
It was a brilliant adventure, we would love to go back again!
By Megan Long and Stephy Wan

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