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Fun at the Forestry Centre

We had a great time when we went to Rolleston Forestry Centre. Our first activity was minibeast hunting. We had a little tub and a magnifying glass each, we went into the forest and looked under a log where we found a spider nest. It looked like a tiny ball of cotton wool. Next we looked in a fallen down tree and found some woodlice, a medium sized white slug, some black worms and a big, fat, green slug. We also found some spiders, one of them had a white body with red legs!
After that, we played some woodland games, starting with a game where 19 different soft toy animals had been hidden in the trees and bushes for us to find. These were all examples of animals that would live in woodland. The next game was good fun, one person stood by a post blindfolded. We then had to get to the post and touch it without the person who was blindfolded pointing at us. It was tricky trying to creep up without making any sounds!!
Later we went to explore the herb gardens. We had to rub each plant and smell it to try to work out which herb it was.
To finish off the day, we had to make mini shelters for animals to live in, using sticks, branches, leaves, moss and bark. We made a large collection of very unusual shaped shelters which we hope will get used by some of the woodland animals!

By Amara Gordon and Annaya-Amba Patel Year 3/4, Glenfield Primary School

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