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Changes to bus services

There are further changes likely in the bus provision to and through Glenfield. These are monitored by members of the Council and overtures are made to the providers to try and look after the interests of the villagers. Thankfully recent and proposed changes have been advantageous to Glenfield. All the services are run for commercial benefit and as such profits and demand will always determine what is on offer but we can ensure that what we feel is best is not overlooked and at least gets due consideration. Recent changes have involved a new timetable for the hourly No. 40 which is making the service more reliable. Given it wanders round the Leicester suburbs it can get you to places otherwise difficult without a car. All services along Groby Road through are likely to be changed, probably from March although nothing is yet definite.

We expect that the service 28 (Leicester - Groby) will be withdrawn and partially replaced by a diverted and re-timed service 26. Service 27 is also likely to be re-timed. Arriva have experimented with a 29X express to Coalville but it does not seem to have helped timetabling and the 29 service is being completely recast. Services 29A will now be every 20 minutes (daytime) between Leicester and Coalville along the A50 through Glenfield with the 29X being withdrawn. It is expected that the combined service between Leicester and County Hall will be every 10 minutes.

Thanks to the subsidy provided by Wilson Bowden the First Bus services were adjusted last year and seem to be working well. The new No. 13 is very popular during the day in particular as it runs directly into the City. The service late into the evening is getting increasing take up but it is essential we use this as we need it to be self-sustaining when the subsidy runs out. This service was part of suggestions we made which were adopted and will evolve further later this year. Arrangements are still to be finalised but as people start working in the new commercial area services, will be extended through that area. Exact routing and timing are being discussed at present. This will give a regular service towards Leicester from the employment area should keep down the use of cars through the village by workers.

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