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What's your view of the Bible?

What's your view of the Bible? Do you see it as a book that is old fashioned and no longer relevant to modern society, or do you understand it as far more than that? Personally, I never cease to be amazed at how this book, written so long ago, can still speak so clearly to our lives today. The Bible could be said to be a kind of love story: God's love for human beings and his desire that each person might discover the greatness of God's love in a personal way.

Any loving parent sets boundaries for their children and offers them instructions for life. God is no different in that respect. Take, for example, the ten commandments. They're not oppressive rules from a kill-joy God; they were given so that we might live happier, more fulfilled lives and experience healthy relationships. I'm sure that the people in our village who have been burgled recently would be delighted if the commandment "do not steal" had been adhered to! I am convinced that society would be transformed if we listened more closely to what God says through the Bible and then put it into practice.

Steve Clark
Glenfield Methodist Church

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