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Is Glenfield a town?

Glenfield is a town in all but name. There may be some kudos in being able to say we live in a village but that is far from the real situation. The town of Ashby de la Zouch has a population of about 12000 and with recent additions Glenfield cannot be far short of that. We were close to 10,000 back in 2011 and have seen many new homes built since then.
Does it really matter? Perhaps not a great deal but we regularly get advices from the Rural Community Council and other organisations supporting small rural communities and these are of no benefit to us at all. More importantly we probably miss out on circulars sent to larger authorities which would have been of interest.
In addition when raising issues or making enquiries others do not give us the gravitas we deserve or take our queries as seriously as they may have done if we were seen as a bigger player.
Many villages have populations of under 2000, are surrounded by agricultural land and are run by a parish council whose only employee is a part time clerk. Glenfield has a full time clerk, has recruited a full time deputy clerk and has a part time clerical assistant, three ground staff and two other employees. We own and let out three buildings, have two other buildings; we own and operate a sports ground, have two sets of allotment gardens and maintain 7 other parks and open spaces. Running Glenfield is a major operation responsible for a substantial budget and answering to a large population.
It is true we do not have a main shopping area but we do have a very large commercial area; we are home to the County Council and Glenfield General Hospital straddles our border.
Many of your Councillors feel we could better serve the needs of the community if our size was more apparent and do suggest we call ourselves a town in future. After all our football club is Glenfield Town
Even within the District, Narborough, Blaby and Enderby are considered major communities but as far as we know the entire population of Blaby District is about 100,000 and we have at least 10% of that. The population of Blaby itself probably does not exceed 7000 and Narborough & Enderby combined are little bigger than Glenfield
Glenfield Parish Council would welcome comment from residents about this suggestion, for or against before we decide whether to pursue the idea.

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