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Activities at Glenfield Primary

Year Five Class Assembly
On Tuesday 14th November, Year Five did their Class Assembly. They were able to share all of the exciting topics that they had been learning about with the rest of the school, in creative and interesting ways.
Times Tables: Dante, a times table whizz, had to complete as many times tables as possible in just one minute and he did fantastically well! Here are some comments from members of his awestruck audience:
Jace: 'It was great, Dante showed real bravery when standing up in front of a large audience to show off his skills.'
Mia: 'He was brilliant! I wish that I could do my times tables as quickly as Dante!'
Colour Columns: George, Libby, James and Gracie-May wowed the rest of the school with their super science skills. They put together a mixture of liquid, honey, baby oil and water with red food-colouring to produce a Colour Column. They used honey first as this was the densest. Next, they added washing up liquid that then formed a new layer.
Jack, a surprised member of the audience, said, 'The colour columns were so cool! I never knew that liquids could layer up like that, I thought that they would all mix together to make a sticky solution.'

Year Four RE Trip
Year Four were lucky enough recently to go and visit a Hindu Temple in Leicester. As part of their RE study of Hinduism, pupils ventured through the place of worship, observing the Royal Shrine of the Gods. The Shrine is decorated with gold and jewels and very precious to Hindus. Year Four were impressed by the beautiful patterns covering the walls and the delicate gifts presented by worshippers to the gods. At the heart of the Temple lies a large water fountain, surrounding by the gods who are greatly respected by the Hindu community.
'We were able to recognise the gods from our learning in school. It was great to see the Shrine in real life!' Sophie.
'I really enjoyed learning more about Hinduism from real Hindu worshippers.' Max.

Year Six Class Assembly
This term, Year Six took part in a Class Assembly based on their class novel, Harry Potter. Some children read out their diary entries that they had completed in their English lessons. Their diaries were written from the point of view of Harry Potter, the main character and his feelings about living in the cupboard under the stairs. The performances were exciting and heartfelt and the audience could really put themselves in Harry's shoes.
Other children shared their persuasion posters, also created during English lessons. These posters were full of persuasive devices and techniques that really showed off the fantastic writing skills of Year Six pupils.
'It was a great assembly and really showed how much effort the children had put into their work.' Gracie-Leigh.
'We loved the diary entries and the way that the Year Six children read them out with great expression.' Bailey.

Year Three
On Tuesday 7th of November, Year Three visited the Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Leicester where we were shown around the Temple, learning about Sikh beliefs and religious rituals. We were lucky enough to experience a call to prayer in which Sikhs gather in a big room in front of a golden throne, decorated with jewels. This was really spectacular!
As well as this, we were able to share our knowledge of the 5 Ks. Below, the picture shows us displaying the 5 Ks on our person. These are Kesh (uncut hair), Kara (a steel bracelet), Kanga (a wooden comb), Kacchera (cotton underwear) and Kirpan (a steel sword).
The children learned about the ten Gurus and how they have contributed to Sikhism over time. They also learned about Langar (a free meal for all Sikhs who attend the Temple for prayer). The children represented the school superbly, listening very carefully. They were confident and keen to ask lots of questions to further their understanding of Sikhism. We were very proud of their behaviour, well done!
Below are some comments that the children made on their return from the Gurdwara:
"It was a nice trip because we got to learn about Sikhism." – Mia
"I really enjoyed our trip to the Gurdwara." – Oliver
"We learnt lots about the Gurdwara on our visit." – Kaden
"We were able to show what we had learned about the 5 Ks." – Karolina

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