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Winter sports

Well, when you see curling you obviously imagine stones sailing over the ice. Not in this case however. Glenfield Park WI attempted to master Curling but this was with stones on wheels and on a wooden floor. Steve Moore kindly came along to show us how it should be done. Notice I said we attempted to play Curling. There was great hilarity as the stones went in all directions, fortunately there was no danger to life or limb as on the whole we did manage to keep them on the floor. Steve showed great patience as we either left them short of the target or didn't know our own strength and sent them racing to the opposite wall. This was an excellent game as everyone could take part as it was designed with disabled people in mind and you can use special sticks to push the stone so you don't have to bend down. Although there are rules and  score sheets these didn't really matter as we had a fun and laughter filled evening. I don't think the Olympic selectors will be calling any time soon.

Future dates

February 20th   Glass Fusion

March 1st  From Top to Toe  Jo Goldby  Remedies through the ages

April 5th The Hoarder next door   A talk and valuation of antiques

April 17th  Birthday party meal.

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