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Parish Council plans and budget 2018/19

The village is getting bigger and we now have a lot more facilities, great as things go but it brings many challenges. We have had to take on more staff and will shortly employ an apprentice making a total workforce of nine. This includes the employment of our litter picker to keep the village tidy. To accommodate these, we are building a new service building and extending the office space in Park House. We are also installing a stair lift to the upper floor. We are creating new car parks, one by Park House and another at the Sports Ground. We also have plans for renovation works to our Multi-use games areas as well. The alterations will inevitably cause some inconvenience but it is in a good cause.

We have taken on three new open spaces and are looking at three more with a view to protecting them from future inappropriate development. We have created a wildlife area off the A50 and have levelled land at the sports ground to eventually provide a further pitch and now have two allotment gardens. We look after seven parks/open spaces and a sports ground. We are doing all this from reserves put aside for the purpose and third party funding and have no need to increase the precept in real terms.

All this needs managing. Once we have all the new staff in place, we will have to decide how best to deploy them.


Unlike the larger District and County Councils the Parish Council receives no funding from Central Government or Business Rates, so the net cost of our services is funded entirely from the council tax payers of Glenfield. In previous years, households in receipt of council tax benefit are removed from the calculation due to a Council Tax Support (CTSG) being passed onto the Parish from the District Council, thus reducing the number of homes that contribute to the gross precept requirement. However, the District Council has taken the decision not to pass on this grant to the parishes with effect from and including the 2018/19 financial year onwards. This year's council tax equates to £80.66 p per band D household per year, an increase of £0.79 or 0.99% on the previous year from £79.87. Included within the services provided and/or subsidised by the Parish Council are:

  • Multi-sport facilities at Ellis Park
  • Leisure facilities within the Millennium Green
  • Ellis Park Bowling Green
  • Subsidised community use of the facilities at Park House
  • Subsidised sports facilities at the Glenfield Sports Ground
  • Community use of the Glenfield Sports Pavilion
  • Ellis Park and Station Park Public Amenity Areas
  • Glenfield Meadow Wildlife and Recreation area
  • Normandy Close Amenity Area
  • Allotments incl the new Mill Lane site and Kick-about Area
  • Former Glenfield Youth Centre building.

The Parish Council promotes the interests of Glenfield in its representations to other bodies and works in partnership with the District Council, County Council and other agencies to provide and supplement local government services within Glenfield. The Parish Council is consulted on all planning applications made in respect of properties in Glenfield and written representations are submitted. Meetings of the Parish Council are open to the press and public and all meetings are publicised on the Parish Council's notice boards. Members of the public are welcome to attend any Council meeting and there is an opportunity for members of the public to raise any comments or queries that they have with the Parish Council. It is helpful if you contact us prior to attending the meeting so that the Council is better informed and able to help you.

Buses - use them or lose them!

Your bus services have improved considerably over the last year. The number 14 runs throughout the week now and is more frequent during most of the day. The re-routed number 12 serves more places en-route to Leicester. There is a much earlier service along the A50 given it serves the staff the new Amazon warehouse and for similar reasons we now have the 13 service from Glenfield directly into Leicester. This service now running well into the evening is subsidised by the Wilson Bowden development to bring shift workers to the new commercial operations at Optimus Point. By the time they are fully operational there will be close to 2000 people working there. This service will shortly be changed again slightly as once work is complete it will run through the new housing and back into the square along Kirby Road and Main Street. If we want to keep the frequency of this service once the subsidy runs out is important that residents use it especially during the evening. It goes into the Haymarket bus station but runs round St Nicholas Circle so is very handy for the restaurants and theatres/cinemas etc in Leicester. As with all commercial services – if we don't use them we could lose them.

Enjoy the outdoor areas

Glenfield is hardly a pretty place having expanded rapidly over the years but we do have some attractive open areas and your council is striving to create more and give better access to them. Parklands and semi-natural areas afford opportunities for quiet relaxation and leisure activities which are good for physical and mental health and general wellbeing. Apart from our longstanding Ellis Park and Station Park, we now have a small open area off Mill Lane and near to Rothley Brook, part of our endeavours to protect that wild life corridor. Facing that across Mill Lane we have now access to another large amenity alongside the Brook including a new footbridge over it giving access to the wider countryside and giving us possible circular walks which were not possible previously. Across the slip road to the M1/A46 another large lozenge of amenity land is being created and landscaped which will have a footpath adding to the walking possibilities. At the LFE end of this and across Ratby Lane a permissive path will go through a new wildlife area between the development and the old golf course which will itself join the new footpath through Fishley Belt, the band of mature trees alongside that old course. We do also have the Millennium Green as well and the Wildlife Meadow over the A50 which were both part of our old sports ground before it was cut by the new A50. Gynsill Meadow and the Arboretum, either side of Stelle Way provide another wildlife-friendly area and the Council has been re-wilding the banks of Rothley Brook as it passes by our new Sports Ground.
{insert pic – sports Ground / stelle way / wildlife meadow}

Your council

For electoral purposes Glenfield is split into Ellis and Fairestone Wards. Each is entitled to elect nine members onto Glenfield Council and two members onto Blaby District Council.

Your Council meets monthly and meetings are open to the public with the agendas published on our notice boards.

The council is backed up by several committees. The Staffing Committee mostly sits in private as it is dealing with named individuals and the Finance and Audit Committee is an essential part of our operation which would bore most people to death but is usually open to the Public. The two really public facing committees are the Environment, Recreation and Sport Committee (ERS) and the Community Committee (CC). The ERS is responsible for most activities on our own properties and CC for the needs of the residents throughout area.

There are also numerous working parties looking into specific areas and reporting to committees or Council. These do sometimes co-opt non members.

Your current councillors for Ellis Ward are:
Richard Bowers, Chairman of the Parish Council, Anna Baker, Daniel Moule, Ray Smith, John Springthorpe and our newly co-opted member Stacy Thornton.

Your current councillors for Fairestone Ward are:
Roy Denney, Vice Chairman of the Council, Thelma Abbott, Richard Wyatt, Nick Chapman, Nick Cox, Mike Neal, Ken Russell and Roger Boby.

John Springthorpe also chairs the Staffing Committee, Ray Smith the Finance & Audit Committee, Roy Denney Environment the Recreation and Sports Committee and Thelma Abbott the Community Committee.

We still have two vacancies left on the Parish Council - An application from persons wishing to serve as a councillor need to be submitted to the Parish Manager who will invite applicants to attend a meeting and make a short (3 -5 minutes) personal statement giving the reasons for being interested in joining the Parish Council and what particular set of skills and experience they feel they can bring to the role. The Council meets once a month, normally on a Monday, for its main meeting at 7.30pm. Apart from sickness, attendance is expected at these meetings. If you have any questions please telephone 0116 2312498. Application forms are available to download or alternatively please contact the Parish Manager.

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