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Parish Council annual meeting

Glenfield Parish Council cordially invites you to attend the Annual Meeting of the Parish on Tuesday 15th May 2018 at 7.30 pm in the Main Hall at Park House, Stamford Street, Glenfield, Leicester, LE3 8DL.
What is the purpose of the Annual Parish Meeting? - All Parish Councils in England are required by law to hold an annual parish meeting at this time each year.  The purpose of the meeting is to allow the Council to explain what it has been doing over the last year to enable the electors to have their say on anything which they consider to be important to the parish.

Who can attend the meeting? - Anyone may attend but only registered electors of Glenfield Parish may speak and vote.
Will I be able to ask questions and make suggestions? - Yes, any registered elector may ask questions of the Council.  These will usually be answered by the Chairman, the Parish Manager or a designated Parish Councillor.   An elector may also make suggestions and comment on anything pertinent to the parish.

How long will the meeting last? - Generally, the meeting will last no longer than 2 hours.
Will the press be there? – Members of the press are welcome to attend.

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