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Giving your consent...to God

If you're like me, you've spent the last few months getting emails and letters from various organisations, charities, societies all asking consent to keep contacting us. This is all because of a big change in the law coming in May which will much more tightly control the information that people are able to keep on us and the privacy of our data. Companies now need explicit consent from us for many things they could just do before.

While it's a bit annoying sometimes to field these various requests, in many ways it's about time this happened. You may have seen some of the recent news stories about how some companies involved in election campaigning have used, or misused, data supplied by Facebook to gather all kinds of information about individuals.

But it isn't just internet users who are affected. Do you have a Co-op membership card? You'll be surprised how much they know about you. Or know how secure the information kept by the local council about you is? In this day and age, every action or transaction can be known about and tracked by someone. At least now we can have a bit more confidence that what is being kept is only what is necessary or what we have agreed to.

There is an old stereotype of God, of a man in sky who's keeping track of everything you do or say. And on one level it's true: God knows everything; he watches over the world as a loving Father, concerned about everything and everyone. But he got there first on consent too: Revelation 3.20 says 'I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in'. In other words, he doesn't force us or tell us, rather he asks us: can I come in? Am I welcome?

While dealing with all the other requests for consent this month – there will be many! – maybe remember that Jesus is asking consent too: would you welcome him into your life? He has so much to offer – love, joy, peace, forgiveness and hope among many others – but you have to agree and invite him.

St. Peter's Church

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