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Rethinking foolishness

I wonder if you've ever had a really embarrassing experience which made you feel like something of a fool in front of other people. I was recently watching a clip from the BBC Breakfast programme in which sports reporter Mike Bushell was about to interview some of the Commonwealth Games swimming medallists. The swimmers were sitting round the edge of a small pool. As Bushell was about to start the interview, he fell into the pool! The swimmers were overcome with laughter, and I'm sure the incident will be replayed many times over coming weeks and months. I did feel a bit sorry for Mike Bushell.

It was interesting that Easter Sunday this year fell on 1st April, known as April Fools' Day. The apostle Paul, writing one of his letters, admitted that the message he proclaimed, of Christ dying and being raised to life, might appear "foolishness" to some. And yet, as he himself discovered, when a person embraces the reality of the message, it is life-transforming. I suppose that the person who first suggested that the earth was round and not flat was treated as a fool. Sometimes, what appears foolish at first sight turns out to be a vital revelation of truth.

Steve Clark
Glenfield Methodist Church

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