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Parish Pen: Garden competition winners

The Parish Council are pleased to announce that we had an abundance of entries for this year's competition and the members had a hard time deciding on the winner and runner-up.

Winner of best Front Garden Spring 2018 - Mr & Mrs Warren of Forge Close
2nd place – Mr & Mrs Wedd of Salcombe Drive
3rd place – Elmtree Avenue

We would like to thank everyone for their efforts in making their front gardens glorious, despite the poor spring weather. Details of the Summer Garden competition can be found at the end of our article.

Annual Report 2017/18
The Parish Council's Annual Report for 2017/18 is available for download from the Parish Council's website www.glenfieldparishcouncil.org and was presented at the Annual Meeting of the Parish on Tuesday 15 May 2018. Copies are also available upon request from the Parish Council Offices.
Extract from the report:
Welcome to this year's Glenfield Parish Council Annual Report – a word from the Chair, Councilor Richard Bowers
I am now into my second year, as Chair of Glenfield Parish Council and I would like to offer thanks to Councillors and Staff for their efforts throughout the year and also members of the public and other agencies who have assisted with projects and initiatives that we have undertaken during this year.

As we look forward to the coming year we hope to welcome and encourage more residents to join the Council (we currently have two vacancies for councillors) where they can become involved with our plans, expectations and aspirations.

Extract - Environment, Recreation and Sports Committee – Chair, Cllr Roy Denney
It is the policy of Glenfield Parish Council to strive to maintain the green acreage within the village and to preserve the green wedge between the village and neighbouring communities; to encourage sport and games within the community and seek to acquire and maintain sufficient open space to allow for the requirements of the residents; to actively manage trees on our own property and to promote the planting of new trees; to actively promote bio-diversity within the village and to preserve and enhance the wildlife in our locality for future generations. It is the responsibility of this committee to work towards those ends.
It has been a very busy year with quite a lot achieved. By working closely with the developers of the new areas to the south of the village we have acquired a number of compensations for the village and with the monies available to us from this source, have improved many facilities.
There are a number of new amenity areas and footpaths. The developers were committed to these under their planning consents but by working with them we have made suggestions to fine tune the provision and improve the residual situation. Brookside Meadows is a new landscaped 'green' area alongside Rothley Brook behind the new Boden complex. It is now open to the public with mown grass paths and a cycleway going to a new bridge over Rothley Brook giving access to the wider path network and open countryside. It provides options for attractive circular walks in the area.

There is now an official path round the western side of the golf course and entering the new housing area. A spur also takes you up through the mature trees of Fishley Belt which we have just arranged to have protected by a tree preservation order. It has been surfaced from both Somerset Drive and Blackthorn Road. In addition to promoting new paths it is important to protect existing ones and, while we have gained formal protection for three paths in the recent past there are still others where their status is uncertain and we are seeking evidence to have these fully protected.
The area between Ratby Lane and the A46 is also being landscaped to better mask the trunk road and will be opened up to the public shortly. Two large hills are being created and the area will be known as Clanfelde Hills to commemorate the original name of our village. There will be a path through this and out onto the wider footpath network. In addition two green corridors have been created from Fishley Belt through the new development adding further to the walking possibilities. Yet another amenity area has been created at the southern end of Fishley Belt. A path goes through this small nature reserve to join the right of way round the south of the old golf course.
As you can see the network of paths has improved enormously and we have devised 15 walks to take advantage of these and they are on our web site. The Parish itself has been provided with a new small park off Mill Lane and a new Allotment Area.
There are also major changes afoot in Ellis Park. The Kiddies Area has new play equipment and nearby there is an outdoor exercise equipment area for the not-so-young.
We have also installed some 'teen shelters' and we have finally been able to install a surfaced footpath across the park, going behind the bowls green providing a safe, clean walking route to school without the children having to go through the busy car park.
The Parish Council do not have any parking at Ellis Park but the public are allowed to use the parking of the Memorial Hall which get full fairly regularly, so we are in the process of creating some additional parking.
This will be in conjunction with improvements to Park House itself to accommodate the additional staff we are taking on board as the village expands and we take responsibility for more areas. We are also renovating our all-weather multi sports pitches on the park, with the inclusion of a "Street Snooker Wall". Two new rose beds have been created and we have planted extra trees as well as installing some bird boxes and homes for bats. We will also be building a new crew room and store for our grounds staff.

Extract - Community Committee – Chair, Cllr Thelma Abbott
The Community Committee has amongst its responsibilities, village enhancements. Ensuring that the village remains attractive to residents and visitors - a pleasant place in which to live.

With the introduction of our own "litter picker" who cleans and clears the places we know to be difficult, we believe the village is becoming much cleaner. We are pleased with the work so far and have recently increased the number of hours and extended the areas that are covered. It has been pleasant to have complimentary comments from residents but we would like villagers to put their own rubbish in the bins and tell us about places they are unhappy about.

With the closure of the Youth Centre in March 2017, the Council resolved to re-name name the building "The Glenfield Parish Council Annexe". The building has been partitioned and the large partitioned room is available for letting after 4.00 pm, Mon – Fri during school term; and all day during the school vacations. Weekend bookings can be made for all day use.

We are not holding a Gala this year, but have begun to plan how the Parish Council can commemorate 100 years tribute to the millions of people who gave their lives for their country during the four years of War, 1914 – 1918. This commemoration will be open to the public. We hope to create a mock "trench", entertain visitors with traditional WW1 songs and exhibit WW1 displays in both Park House and the Memorial Hall. The WI will be providing refreshments from the WW1 tea house. Further details of the event will be advised through our website www.glenfieldparishcouncil.org and via our twitter and Facebook page, as well as via noticeboards, banners etc.

Nominations are now open for our Glorious Glenfield Summer Garden Competition
Remember this is all about acknowledging the hard work of everyone who has gone the extra mile to make our village look the best it can. Prizes are presented at the Glenfield Gardeners Show on Saturday 18th August 2018.
The categories are:

1. Best Floral Display
2. Best Front Garden

To nominate a garden, just contact us at the Parish Council offices. Please get your nominations in by Friday 3rd August 2018 and indicate which category they are being nominated for.

For more information about the Parish Council's services contact:
Glenfield Parish Council, Park House, Stamford Street, Glenfield, Leicester, LE3 8DL.
Email: admin@glenfieldparishcouncil.org.uk
Twitter: @glenfieldpc

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