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How we spend our time

A few weeks ago, I received a message from one of my sisters to say that the doctor felt that our mum, who was in her 96th year, probably only had a few days to live. I decided that I would travel up to Chesterfield, where mum lived in a care home, to spend time with her.

Mum was confined to bed and clearly quite weak and tired, but as I and some of the family spent time with her, we got lots of smiles. It was obvious that mum enjoyed our visit, and we have happy memories of the time we spent with her on that occasion. Mum died peacefully a couple of days later.

Life as a church Minister can be quite hectic at times, with demands of various sorts on one's time. I am sure that many of you reading this have very busy lives, too. The big challenge for us all is how we chose to prioritise the time which we are given. I will forever be grateful that I took the decision to drive up to Chesterfield (despite the frustrations of the M1 roadworks!) to spend time with mum, the last opportunity I had. There could have been no better use of my time. We are all given a set amount of time in life, the question is how we use it.

Steve Clark
Glenfield Methodist Church

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