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Oil painting demonstration

How boring you might think, watching a painter paint. As the saying goes "watching paint dry". I can assure you this was far from the case when Mike Peachey came to talk to Glenfield Park WI. We were asked what kind of painting we would like and after much discussion settled on a stormy seascape. Then horror of horrors, we were informed that we would be helping to paint this picture. With my artistic ability this seemed a recipe for disaster. However with a few game volunteers and a lot of encouragement we painted the sky. After a little bit of tweaking we managed the sky and surprise surprise it actually looked like a stormy sky. Emboldened by our success!! we embarked on the rest of the painting. We had sea , rocks and sand.  And there we were -  a masterpiece!!!!  I should perhaps add that Mike painted the waves and the spray so that it actually looked stormy. We obviously have some way to go.  Still it was fun. While we were painting Mike explained how he came to be doing these demos. He started painting at the age of nine, but became a printer. He was made redundant and while wondering what to do he applied far a job as art tutor at Headway, the hospital for brain damaged people and found that rewarding so now also visits 2 old peoples' homes and encourages the residents to paint. While we were painting there was much good natured banter and conversation, which made a very enjoyable and interactive evening in more ways than one. .Finally to add to the hilarity a very imaginative member insisted we had painted the space station passing over. Not at all boring.
We are also looking forward to sampling afternoon tea and attempting to play crazy golf as well as all our normal activities. An action packed programme.

At our July meeting on the  5th we are looking forward to an Evening of Laughter courtesy of Elizabeth Robinson.
July 6th coffee morning
August no meeting
September 6th Ladybird Books  An evening of Nostalgia with Biff Raven-Hill

Do come and join us. We meet in the Memorial Hall on the 1st Thursday of the month at 7.30

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