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Speeding in Glenfield: Update

Following our article last month regarding speeding on Station Road, Stamford Street and Gynsill Lane we have had the following reply from Leics County Council:

"As I'm sure you can appreciate, the County Council receives many requests for a wide variety of road safety measures, therefore, all requests that we receive have to be considered against set criteria based on an evidence led appraisal.  This is to ensure that resources are employed in the most cost efficient and robust manner as possible.  At present the County Council's resources around road safety are being directed at remedial works at high risk locations, which have evidence of a poor accident history.
I can confirm our records show that there have been two slight injury accidents recorded at this location (Station Road), in the last 5 years. Whilst accepting that any accident is one too many, unfortunately this would not meet the required level for intervention of seven personal injury accidents in a 5 year period. Unfortunately, it is not easy to influence the speed of some motorists who are familiar with the highway environment and drive at a speed they consider safe for the prevailing conditions.  The County Council has no legal powers to take enforcement action against drivers who exceed the speed limit, Leicestershire Police are the only authority who can take action against motorists who drive above the speed limit.

Our current policy is to maintain the condition of our highway network and consider essential safety improvements only, with these being limited to areas with a proven casualty history higher than national average or higher than otherwise would be expected. To ensure we do this all enquiries received by the Traffic and Signals Team are assessed using a data led and evidence based assessment."
As we said last month, not hopeful of any action in the short term.

In June there were 3 reported burglaries in Glenfield and 10 reported vehicle crimes (Vehicles broken into or stolen). Station Park in Glenfield has also had reports of antisocial behaviour. Potential drug use has been reported to the police. The beat team have spoken to the alleged perpetrators of this and will be monitoring the situation moving on into the summer holidays.
The next Glenwatch meeting is on Tuesday 7th August starting at 7.15pm at the Parish Council offices, Park House, Stamford Street – everyone welcome. This replaces the July meeting which was postponed as the police informed us that no officer could attend and it also clashed with England's World Cup match. If you are reading this too late the next meeting after that is Tuesday October 2nd. Come along and hear the latest police information and have your say.

You can contact Glenwatch by email at contact@glenwatch.org.uk or on 0116 2875141 or via the Glenwatch website and on Facebook.

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