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Watching the English

'Watching the English' by Sue Tonks. Prosecco, strawberries, cream and shortbread was on the menu for our July meeting with a large helping of Sue Tonks, our guest speaker for the evening.
Sue, a magistrate, business woman and avid 'people watcher' was brimming with confidence as she talked us through everyday situations in such a way that she had us laughing from the start. Sharing a lift with strangers but not making eye contact, catching the eye of bar staff in a pub with body language whilst waving a ten pound note or simply queuing at a bus stop were things we had all done many times but they had never sounded so funny because as she explained, we do all these things in a very 'British way.'
Sue suggested that the majority of conversations with strangers start with a comment about the weather and when you think about it, it's quite true and also very British!
Sue had many very funny stories to tell; she was very animated and hilarious throughout. Next time we find ourselves queuing at a bus stop or sharing a lift with strangers, I'm sure we'll remember our evening and smile. We hope to see Sue again very soon.
Glenfield WI meets on the third Tuesday of the month in St. Peter's Church Hall @ 7.30pm. Why not come as a visitor one evening (for a nominal fee of £3.00). You will receive a very warm welcome from the members.

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