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Glenfield vehicle crimes rise

In August there were 3 reported burglaries in Glenfield and a number of reported vehicle crimes (vehicles broken into or stolen) 13 in total. More details on all the crime statistics in Glenfield can be found at the Police.uk website https://www.police.uk/leicestershire/NH22/
There have been a number of reports of small silver canisters been found across Glenfield, in the Co-op car park, on the track behind Widdowsons, in the communal park on the new Glenfeld estate, on Elm Tree Avenue and Ellis Park. These are 7 gram Nitrous Oxide cannisters (not CO2 for air rifles, emergency tyre puncture kits, etc, and not Helium balloon gas). It is Di-Nitrogen Oxide, N2O, and is the same gas used as a medical mild anesthetic e.g. Dentistry, Laughing Gas (hence another street name is NOS after the trade name for Nitrous Oxide Systems for cars). They have been around (and abused) for 30+ years, especially in the US where they have been available longer. They are legal to buy, and leave no trace in the body. They give an easy and quickly recoverable asphyxiation high by replacing the concentration of oxygen in the blood with Nitrogen. In medical use, it's concentration with oxygen is tightly controlled. In abuse, those concentrations are multiples higher, causing the risk of nitrogen asphyxiation to the brain. (Deep sea divers can suffer a similar risk of natural Nitrogen being released in their blood from ascending too fast known as DCS, Decompression Sickness, "The Bends", resulting in order of severity, extremity nerve damage, possible cerebro-spinal damage, paralysis and brain damage, and death. Whatever your views on legal highs, PLEASE warn kids, particularly teens, of these dangers.
The next Glenwatch meeting is on Thursday 4th October starting at 7.15pm at the Parish Council offices, Park House, Stamford Street – everyone welcome. Note the change of night for this month only (we usually meet on a Tuesday), this is due to room availability. Come along and hear the latest police information and have your say.
You can contact Glenwatch by email at contact@glenwatch.org.uk or on 0116 2875141 or via the Glenwatch website and on facebook where we now have over 500 members.

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