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Christmas celebrations

Year Six have been writing poems based on emotions. We each picked a feeling which then became the theme for our writing. These included Time, Happiness, Depression, Anger, Death and Fear. Each of us then created our own background image for the feeling that we had written about. Our poems allowed us to be reflective and put ourselves in others' shoes. Here are two that we'd like to share with you. Perhaps you have experienced these emotions before. We hope you enjoy them...
More recently in Year Six, we have been basing our writing around the film, 'The Wizard Of Oz.' We have produced some exciting setting descriptions for when Dorothy first enters Munchkin Town. As well as this, we have been creating character descriptions for the Wicked Witch of the West, the Good Witch, Dorothy and the Munchkins. Here are some examples...
New Year, New Us!
It's the beginning of a new year and therefore time for making changes for many of us. We've been thinking carefully about our own new year resolutions. These involve our attitude, skills we can refine in school and skills that we can apply at home or outside of school. Here are a few we thought you might like to hear
I want to learn three new football skills by the end of the year, to get better at football.
– Jacob
I want to be more respectful to my parents and others all around me. I would like to be a better citizen.
- Daniel
I want to be able to do a no-handed cartwheel (an aerial) on the ground, because I can already do it on the mats.
- Grace
I want to do the fifteen-minute mile when I come home from school. Although we already do it at school, I'd like to be able to improve my time at home!
- Ella
We feel that we've shared some of the most creative and thoughtful resolutions from the children at Glenfield. What are your resolutions? How can you make a change?
Carols by Candlelight
Although Christmas has been and gone for another year, we wanted to share with you a few events that took place on the final week of term before we broke up for the holiday.
Year Six performed a wonderful carol concert to the whole school, singing a number of Christmas songs to parents and children, spreading a festivities and merriment across the school. We began with 'Somewhere In My Memory,' whilst holding candles. Some pupils sang solos and in other songs, children were split into different parts and the whole concert provided a fantastic end to a very long but very successful term. It was a brilliant last day!

Carol Service in the Church
While Year Six sung to the children and parents at school, Year Five set off to St. Peter's Church to sing to parents as part of a Christmas Service. We performed readings from the Bible, telling the story of Christ's birth alongside Reverend Richard's teachings. We also sang five Christmas carols in total, including four duets which were sang beautifully. Everybody had a fantastic time and we all thoroughly enjoyed the service. This was a lovely end to the year!

Christmas Dinner
On the last week of term, all of the pupils (and the teachers!) had the opportunity to experience a delicious Christmas dinner, cooked by the wonderful Kitchen Staff at Glenfield! Before the feast, everyone created their own Christmas hat to wear to dinner and all were very creative and individual. We loved looking around at a variety of designs and colours that children had used to make their hats. Everybody had a fantastic festive lunch and we'd like to thank our superb staff who made the dinner and allowed us to have a wonderful time!

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