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Visiting the Iron Age and Celts

On the last week of the Spring term, Year 3 concluded their 'Stone Age to Iron Age' History Topic by visiting Beaumanor Hall to learn more about Iron Age and Celtic life through active and hands-on experiences. Children were able to participate in a Celtic battle, becoming real warriors with swords and shields. Next, we used 'Roman Heads' to kick around an obstacle course in an alternative game of football. The game was created by the Celts as a means of scaring off any unwanted Roman invaders where victims' heads were displayed as a warning! After this, it was time to practise our hunting skills through target practice. Children tested their accuracy by throwing wooden spears at an animal-shaped target, imagining that they had been tasked with gathering food for the rest of the community. We then took part in a series of everyday Iron Age domestic jobs such as grinding corn and wheat into flour to make bread; fashioning beads out of clay to make jewellery; weaving materials to make clothing; grinding lavender to create medicine for healing the injured and finally, entertaining the family in the hut by making music.
The children had a fantastic day and were able to imagine themselves as Celts living in Britain.
"I loved the battle the best, pretending to fight like a Celt was really fun!" – Joe
"I really liked making jewellery and can't wait to see it on a string to wear as a necklace." – Darcey
"Being a Celt would have been exciting, especially throwing the spears at animals when they were hunting." – Oliver

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