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Speeding in Glenfield

At this months' AGM it was felt that we were not up to date with how the local beat team are dealing with speeding in the Glenfield area.  The following is the response from the PCSO Duane Wright:

Firstly, speeding forms a small part of the day to day business of the beat team.  There are lots of other aspects to our role that all require attention and as a beat team we are spending an appropriate amount of our time on combatting speeding as an issue.
Secondly, I include LFE and Kirby because I have to stress that although people may not necessarily be interested in these locations it is important for everyone to understand that the beat team have a responsibility for all areas and that the beat teams efforts are directed to solve problems across all three villages and that the beat teams time must be shared according to the threats and responsibilities in each area.  These threats and responsibilities include but are not limited to vulnerability, crime (enquiries and attending incidents), Antisocial Behaviour (attending and case managing), attending events, crime prevention events and personal visits, Parish Council involvements and Community Groups.  There are also times where the beat team may be abstracted to deal with issues on other areas or part of a larger policing operation.
It is important to take note that the beat team are not out to issue Traffice Offence Reports {TOR's}, this is just one of our options.  Our role is to improve road safety.  We want to educate to reduce speeding and will utilise all our available options to achieve this.
Duane produces a regular report for the parish council showing where and when speed checks have been undertaken - the roads where most offences take place are Station Road, Elm Tree Avenue, Tournament Road, Liberty Road and Kirby Lane, with verbal warnings and TOR's issued at all these locations.

The next Glenwatch meeting will be on Tuesday 4th October at the Parish Council offices Stamford Street, starting at 7.15pm, everyone is welcome. You can contact Glenwatch on 0116 2875141 or email contact@glenwatch.org.uk or visit our website www.glenwatch.org.uk.

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