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Bank holidays

Bank holidays are like buses, you wait ages for one and then two come along at once. May, when spring really seems to get going, is a great time to have them. Lots of opportunities for getting out, visiting friends and family, enjoying nature as it transitions into summer. No government enjoys May, however – those two bank holidays mean we don't normally see much economic growth as a result and they have no good news to announce. Businesses likewise often have a bit of a wobble figures-wise – unless of course they're ice-cream sellers and one of the Mondays turns out to be a rare sunny one.

It's slightly odd that we still call them 'bank holidays', after all, most people are able to take them, not just bank employees. But it's quite useful, because it reminds us that here are two days, in the midst of what can be a fairly constant focus on the making and spending of money, that there is more to life than building the bank account. We take a holiday from boosting our bank balance, to find a different kind of balance.

Actually, I'm not a big fan of the term 'work-life balance'. It seems to suggest that work isn't part of life, which it clearly is – whether that's employment, or work at home, in the garden, or volunteering – and that there is some precarious point at which that finds a temporary stability, but anything changes and off you fall. Rather, I think of a blend in which the ingredients of life – work, family, fun, learning, and many other things – play different parts.

I believe we were made to work, as part of life, but also made for more than work. Made for more than accumulating wages and wealth. The word 'holiday' comes from 'holy day', a day given to and by God. He has made us to be whole humans, to live life in a way which is full of joy and peace. A way of life which only Jesus has entirely lived, but into which he invites us to follow him as he opens the door for us.

Enjoy your bank holidays!


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