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Your words are powerful

I enjoy using social media but, like almost everything in life, it has both its positive and negative aspects. On the down side, I am saddened to note that so much of what appears on social media is critical and negative in nature, as if people love to pull others down. Sometimes the verbal attacks are very personal in nature and quite abusive. It is almost as if we are becoming a nation of people who define themselves by what they are against, and can't respect the right of other people to see things differently.

On the other hand, there is a lot that is positive about social media. On a number of occasions, I have come across something on social media which has really made me sit up and think. For example, I recently read the following from Rev Nicky Gumbel: "Your words are powerful. With a few kind words you can transform a person's day and sometimes even their entire life."

It's so true, isn't it? Words really can be very powerful. How much better to use them in a kind way, which builds up and encourages.

With love,


Rev Steve Clark
Glenfield Methodist Church

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