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How's your balance?

We are in the season of the year in which many people choose to take their holidays. I like to get my holidays booked well in advance because I find that one of the joys of holidays is the looking forward to them. It is good to experience a change of scenery at times, and to take a break from the normal routines of life. Even though I usually find that towards the end of a holiday I'm looking forward to getting home, I know that holidays can be of real benefit.

The word holiday comes originally from an old English word, hāligdæg, or holy day. I guess that it goes back to the biblical story of creation, where God set aside one day in seven as a "sabbath" day, a day set aside for rest and re-creation. Personally, I feel that we lost something when Sunday became almost like any other day, instead of a day set apart. We live in a society where so many people are caught up in an endless round of busyness and activity, a bit like a hamster on a wheel desperately running and getting nowhere.

We were not created as robots, to work endlessly. Instead, as the old Mars bar advert used to say, we need to get the balance right between "work, rest and play." So, how's your balance?

By Steve Clark, Minister
Glenfield Methodist Church

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