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Terrific Scientific

Year 6 have taken part in a national experiment that is investigating foot flexibility. It is organised by the BBC's Terrific Scientific. We had to take various measurements of our feet when we were both sitting and standing. The measurements were used to calculate our foot flexibility.
The most common foot flexibility score of Year 6 is 0.85 to 0.89 (0.1 is very flexible and 1.0 is not very flexible). This data will form part of a national study.
We then watched a Live Lesson about Evolution. We learnt that giraffes have evolved from the samotherium, snakes used to have legs, human have individual toe prints and camel poo is solid as it has no water in it.
A member of Year 6 said: "I really enjoyed it because I found the camel facts interesting."
We hope to take part in another investigation next term.

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