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What will your legacy be?

At the beginning of September, we received the sad news that my younger brother, Phil, had died. Though we were naturally deeply saddened by Phil's death, we were nevertheless greatly encouraged by the many tributes to his life which came from people all around the world. A number of people talked about the legacy which Phil left in terms of the positive influence which he had had on many others. I have been greatly challenged by the thought that each of us, by the way we live our lives, leave a legacy.
Of course, it's not only when we die that we leave a legacy (and I'm not talking about the money we may leave!), but every day. For example, when we treat someone kindly, encourage someone, or give someone the gift of our precious time, it can make such a positive difference. On the other hand, when we speak critically or use discouraging words, or ignore someone in need, that can leave a very different kind of legacy. My brother was a follower of Jesus, who sought to demonstrate God's love to all people he met. Clearly, he left behind a very positive legacy. I wonder what sort of legacy I will leave. How about you?

Steve Clark
Glenfield Methodist Church

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