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Holiday experiences

Now this might seem as if it could lead to a boring evening. Far from it. Ably led by Roy Wilson, the president's husband our members' evening developed into a lively affair. Roy entitled his talk "A funny thing happened on our way to the holiday" using the two meanings of funny (amusing and odd) and recounted some of the incidents that had happened on his and his wife's holidays. Several episodes involved boats, for example on a trip in the Everglades in Cuba, the engine caught fire. Fortunately we made it safely back to land and the boatman made the throwaway comment " that's never happened before" !!!! Another incident happened in Mauritius where we went on a mini submarine to see a wreck. Nothing untoward there you might say. well you would be wrong. While we were submerged a terrific storm blew up and we had to battle to the pontoon. This involved a very dangerous climb up. We have never been so glad to reach dry land. Cuba could actually merit a complete talk as it involved bulldozers on the beach, thunderstorms and flooded rooms. A place one just has to see is near the village of Bunbury in Western Australia some 30 miles from Perth. A new traffic island was to be built to replace a dangerous road junction. On completion a gnome appeared overnight followed very soon by another. Soon there were so many that they became a distraction. They were moved to a nearby field but continued to grow in numbers until a second field and a nearby wood were needed to house them in their "gnome sweet gnome." The total now is in in excess of 5,000, of all shapes and sizes from all over the world including two from Glenfield. (We just couldn't resist) Members then told some of their experiences. Consisting of a mouse in a motel room, a hairy ride down a hairpin bend road with no brakes and dead cockroaches in rooms.  Altogether, an interesting, enjoyable and at times hilarious evening. Who needs an outside speaker when members themselves are so entertaining?
We have also been busy elsewhere with several members trying their hand at glass fusion, a delicious afternoon tea at Ulverscroft Grange, plus the normal groups and attendance at the Group AGM. We certainly are not bored.
Pamela Wilson

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