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Does your life need an MOT?

One of the first tasks of every new year for me is taking my car in for its service and MOT. It's a bit of a pain, due so soon after Christmas, but it needs doing and I'm grateful to the expert eyes that check over the vehicle on which I rely so heavily. I can check the oil, refill the washer fluid, even change a tire but beyond that my knowledge and skills quickly dry up. If it were left to me, there's a danger that the complex machinery and electronics of my Fiesta would grind to a halt. So the annual discipline of a check-over is essential.

I try to do the same in other areas of my life. I don't have the same external (legal!) compulsion so they're not quite so regular, but the principle of an annual review is a good one. So in April I think about my finances – am I saving enough, am I giving enough to the right charities? In September I try to think about reading and learning – what do I want to learn? But January, the beginning of the year, is the best time to review the whole of life. This year I've booked in for a day at a retreat centre to help me to do this.

I'm not alone in this – so many people sign up for the gym in the first weeks of January suggesting that quite a lot of us realise we need to make changes for the good of our health. My question for you this January is this: when was the last time you took an opportunity to think about where your life is heading? When did you last think seriously about what mattered most to you and what you do about it?

At St Peter's we're running a course called Alpha starting on Wednesday 10 January. It's an opportunity to review what life is all about, to explore the big questions about destiny and meaning and purpose. Perhaps January is a good time for you to review and give your life an MOT?

St. Peter's Church

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